How to fit a life in a suitcase


I am leaving home, see this was always my plan, we all know since we’re little that one day we’ll grab our bags, say goodbye and leave home. Its part of the natural flow of life, of how things work. But the day is so close and still feels surreal. I’m saying goodbye to the only place I have call home for the last 25 years.

While writing these I’m sitting on my room and can’t stop thinking about the whole life that has been written between these white sealing and peach walls. Every corner, every thing I have here reminds me of something or someone. And between all this mix of emotions I have the challenge to pack just the “necessary” and the feeling that I’m leaving something important behind doesn’t go away.

Trough my window I can see a palm tree and I laugh on the inside because I realize that the things I need the most are those I can’t even pack. Like a hug from those I love, a delicious Dominican meal, a tropical rain watch from the white furniture’s by my patio or that palm tree that I see every morning while the rays of the Caribbean sun wakes me up.

I am not ready to leave, but I have learned no one ever is, you just have go and get ready in the way. Sweden will be the new place I’ll have to call home, I know its not going to be all easy, a culture, a language, the weather, a style of life I will have to adapt to. But aren’t we supposed to live life to the fullest? I am doing that, with fear and excitement, with the sacrifices and the happy moments it will bring.

And well… is not possible to fit a life in a suitcase, you just have to keep living, doing stuff, meeting people and creating memories because the best part is there’s not weight limit on that.


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